Garmin Sues uAvionix Over ADS-B Patent (Updated) »

Garmin Sues uAvionix Over ADS-B Patent (Updated)

Garmin has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Montana, where uAvionix is based, accusing that company of using Garmin’s patented ADS-B technology without permission. The products under dispute are the EchoUAT and skyBeacon, which are sold for the experimental market.


EASA Approves Simpler GA Training Rules »

EASA Approves Simpler GA Training Rules

Flight schools in Europe that focus on training private pilots now can operate under simplified rules released by the European Aviation Safety Agency last week. The new rules create two types of flight schools—Declared Training Organizations, or DTOs, which can train private pilots, and Approved Training Organizations, which focus on training professional pilots.


Stratolaunch Unveils “Family” Of Launch Vehicles »

Stratolaunch Unveils “Family” Of Launch Vehicles

With their giant satellite-launching high-altitude plane now preparing for first flight, Stratolaunch announced on Monday they are developing “a new family of launch vehicles” that will begin regular service in 2020. The vehicles will launch from the airplane and carry satellites to orbit.


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Runway Excursion Closes Manila Runway »

Operations at Manila Airport in the Philippines have returned to normal almost two days after a Chinese airliner left the runway on landing late Thursday. The Xaimen Airlines Boeing 737 ended up in... More

Midair Kills Paraglider Pilots »

Two pilots died in a midair collision on Saturday when their paragliders came together during a race in Macedonia. One of the pilots, Innes Powell, was well known in the hang gliding and... More

Aircraft Collector Identified As Injured Pilot »

Historic Flight Foundation founder John Sessions has been confirmed as the pilot of a 1930s airliner that crashed while taking part in a Canadian airshow last weekend. More

Flooding Closes Big Indian Airport »

One of India’s largest airports will be closed until at least Aug. 26 after torrential rains put ramps and runways under about three feet of water. Cochin Airport, in the southeastern state of... More

Industry Round-up, August 17, 2018 »

This week, AVweb’s weekly new roundup uncovered reports on National Aviation Day celebrations at the Air Zoo and a visit from members of the U.K.’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on... More

FAA Warns Against Drone Flights Near Wildfires »

The FAA has issued a statement warning pilots of unmanned aircraft (UAS/drones) to stay away from wildfires. The agency emphasized that while proper use of drones for firefighting missions can... More

Blue Angels Upgrade To Super Hornets »

The U.S. Navy has awarded Boeing a contract to configure nine F/A-18E and two F/A-18F Super Hornets for the Blue Angels demonstration team. The contract for getting the eleven Super Hornets ready... More

Privateer Amphibian Makes First Flight »

After more than ten years in development, the Privateer Amphibian made its first successful flight last week. The single-engine pusher from Privateer Industries was designed by John Meekins and... More



Negotiating With ATC

Negotiating With ATC »

Often negotiation is a simple process of communicating to ATC what you want to do and working around the limitations imposed by what the controller cannot legally let you do. Too often pilots fail in negotiation because they don’t fully... More


The Pilot’s Lounge #137: Special VFR

The Pilot’s Lounge #137: Special VFR »

Our resident curmudgeon is in his 90s now and doesn’t make it out to the pilot’s lounge at the virtual airport as often as he used to. About five years ago, Old Hack abruptly sold the immaculate Piper Super Cruiser he had bought almost... More


Press Releases

Cross-party group of MPs complete successful US fact-finding mission on General Aviation

A cross-party group of MPs has successfully completed a visit to Washington, D.C. to discuss the General Aviation sector with US aviation bodies. The group also visited EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to learn more about the thriving grassroots sector and how it compares to the UK.

Air Zoo Celebrates National Aviation Day with Flight Discovery Center Open House

In observance of National Aviation Day, the Air Zoo will open its newly-renamed Flight Discovery Center to the public from noon-5pm at no charge. Pilots are invited to fly-in for the festivities.

1,000+ Aviation Pros in Houston for Diversity & Industry Shortage Talks, Aug. 14-17th

The Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) will host its 42nd Annual Convention and Career Exposition, August 14 - 17, at Marriott Marquis Houston with representatives from 52 companies and airline carriers set to participate.