EASA Launches Rule-Update Effort

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The European Aviation Safety Agency has adopted a new rule, known as the “Basic Regulation,” which updates the mandate of EASA and sets out more pragmatic methods to regulate the sector appropriately, GAMA said this week. "This lays the foundations for an EASA 2.0, the result of a mammoth effort from EASA, the EU institutions and stakeholders,” said GAMA President Pete Bunce. “Industry, however, will see little change until the underlying technical rules are in place. We now have the 'what' but we still need the ‘how.’"

Regulators expect it will take up to five years to update EASA's current rules, including those that cover operations, certification and airworthiness. “A key element in the new performance-based approach is to ensure that regulations focus on safety objectives rather than prescribing rigid solutions that cannot keep pace with technological innovation,” according to GAMA’s news release. “We need to see a significant improvement in how new safety rules emerge, to avoid industry of all sizes treading water for years to come,” added Bunce.

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I remember ol' Henry in Ottawa, who could not grasp that Advisory Circular means 'advisory' not mandatory, despite endless discussion in boardroom and bar. Finally someone found a short sentence in the AC that explicitly said that other means of compliance could be used with approval. So Henry agreed that what we were proposing could be legal. Seemed like a nice guy but dense, simply Dense.

And the guy in FAA Renton, in a department around the corner from SACO (perhaps FSDO) who didn't care what HQ said about certain permits regarding avionics, he would do the opposite. Yes, he had probably been grilled about an airplane in Experimental category that was lost in a cross-country flight, but it was strange for someone who depends on rules to be openly flouting an HQ rule.

Posted by: Keith Sketchley | September 12, 2018 12:08 PM    Report this comment

I hate it when the regulation bound Europeans keep coming up with better ideas than the "liberal minded" American regulators. FAA, are you paying attention? Maybe this time you could produce updated rules that actually streamline the process, rather than just making it look like you did something (part 23 "rewrite").

Posted by: John McNamee | September 12, 2018 12:29 PM    Report this comment

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