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Short Final: Class C Workout »

Peoria Approach: “I bet you didn’t think you were going to get this type of workout when you asked for the clearance into the Class Charlie, did you?” More

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Top Letters And Comments,... »

This week's letters brought comments from readers about fuel sump points on a Decathlon, autonomous vehicles, flying the night shift, carbon monoxide... More

Wait, You Mean Bernoulli... »

It’s only by a twist of fortune that YouTube didn’t exist in 1738. Otherwise, airplanes still wouldn’t be a thing. More

Podcast: American Airlines... »

American Airlines recently opened a Cadet Academy for new flight students looking for airline pilot careers. With its first cadets already in training,... More

Sure, You Voted. But Can... »

For CFIs, flight reviews are mere bagatelles. It's the biennial renewal that makes a root canal look a better way to spend a Friday afternoon. More

Industry Round-up, November... »

This week, AVweb’s news roundup found stories about new simulators for Central Washington University, the launch of a program for aspiring pilots, a... More

Vulcanair's V1.0-Skyhawk... »

The Italian company Vulcanair is touring with the V1.0, a four-place single they hope to market to the training segment. It's more than $100,000 cheaper that... More