Switchblade Nears First Flight »

The Switchblade flying sports car is expected to fly by the end of the year and the Oregon company continues to amass a substantial order book. More

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EPS Diesel Marks... »

With a robust design, a projectable overhaul (not replacement), and Dick Rutan assisting with flight test, the EPS Diesel engine project is finding funding... More

Vulcanair Expects Big... »

Ameravia Aircraft, the U.S. distributor of Vulcanair Aircraft, announced Monday that it has 11 firm orders and 25 options on its new 172-look-alike training... More

Stratos Lengthens Light Jet... »

Stratos Aircraft has gone back to the drawing board and redesigned its 714 single-engine jet into the 716, a longer version with a larger and more... More

Bizjet Market Thawing? »

Bloomberg is saying the worst is over for the business jet market as prices for low-time used jets have started inching up. It’s been 10 years since the... More

Electric Airplane Owner... »

How electric airplanes fit into GA is an open question but as the first few get delivered in the real world, some insights are emerging. Pipistrel Alpha... More

Lord Of The Bolts »

Why buy just one when a shipload is available at unreasonable terms? More