Virgin Galactic Reaches Space »

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, completed its first successful trip to space on Thursday morning. Unity was initially carried to 43,000 feet by WhiteKnightTwo, an aircraft specifically designed to ferry the spacecraft to launch altitude. More

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Virgin Galactic Plans Space... »

Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson says the company will return to space before the end of the year and he’s looking forward to a trip there shortly... More

Shuttle Runway May See... »

The massive runway at the Kennedy Space Center that was the primary landing site for the Space Shuttle could again be used for privately operated space... More

Neil Armstrong Mementos... »

An ID plate from Apollo 11’s lunar module Eagle sold for $468,500 at an auction of 2,000 items of memorabilia owned by the first man on the moon Saturday. More

Abnormal Booster Separation... »

The failure of a Soyuz-FG launch vehicle on Oct.11 was caused by abnormal separation of one of the rocket’s boosters, according to Russian space agency... More

Virgin Rolls Out 747 Rocket... »

Virgin Orbit has rolled out its solution for making space more accessible to those who want to put small payloads into orbit. More

Stratolaunch Continues Taxi... »

Just a few days after the death of Paul Allen, whose tech fortune has been paying for its development, the huge Stratolaunch airplane completed its latest... More