Propping? What Could Possibly Go Wrong? »

Just when you think you've got it figured out, fate intervenes. More

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Short Final: Best In Class »

In Valdez, Alaska, for the annual fly-in and STOL competition, a Lake amphibian (not known for its STOL capability), in town for the fly-in, departed early... More

Ercoupe In A Jam »

It all worked out in the end but the pilot of an Ercoupe 415-D on his way to Ohio from AirVenture likely annoyed thousands of Chicago commuters. More

Short Final: Turbulence »

On a recent flight home, we were cruising along at 7,000 feet in good weather, except for the occasional encounter with the very top of a cumulus cloud.... More

The Pilot’s Lounge... »

We just had our annual summer cookout here at the virtual airport. It was a success—we didn’t run out of brats, burgers or beer and nobody got food... More

What’s My GPS TellIng Me? »

Understand the significance of those lines and numbers on the display. More

Study: Full-Stall Training... »

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed new simulations that they believe will help pilots to better recover when faced with an aerodynamic... More