Picture of the Week, August 9, 2018 »

We were about 45 NM north of EYW on the 2nd leg of my first flight in a Cirrus SR22 GTS. N900KP was rented from Paragon Flight (KFMY) and flown from Page Field to Key West International (KEYW). This picture was taken on my iPhone. Photo by Robert Murray. More

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AirVenture Gallery, July... »

The crowds at AirVenture 2018 had a lot to look at on the fourth day of the show. Here is some of what AVweb saw. More

AirVenture Gallery, July... »

Some sights from the third day of Airventure 2018. More

AirVenture Gallery, July... »

Along with the campsites, the second day of AirVenture was packed with warbirds and air show performances. More

AirVenture Gallery, July... »

AirVenture 2018 is underway. Here are a few sights from early events. More

To Go, or Maybe Not to Go »

In this world where cell phones can perform more functions than the computer of only a few decades past, many pilots prefer to brief themselves. Doing so... More

Picture of the Week, July... »

A sunset flight with Kyle Bushman, his 1943 N3N-3, and good friend Bryan Harper outside of Creswell, Oregon. The photoship was piloted by Jonathan Apfelbaum.... More