Picture of the Week, December 13, 2018 »

Morning after first snowfall on the Tehachapi mountains. Taken with GoPro underwing mount on Beechcraft Musketeer at 8,500 feet. Photo by Cliff Lowerre. More

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Top Letters And Comments,... »

This week's letters brought comments from readers about flying without an ASI, using GA airplanes for Thanksgiving travel, aircraft registration, air traffic... More

GAO Investigates FBO Pricing »

The Government Accountability Office has bitten on AOPA’s two-year-long campaign to end what it says is gouging by FBOs at some airports. More

ForeFlight Demos Trip... »

ForeFlight’s Angela Anderson demonstrated the company’s new Trip Assistant for AVweb at the NBAA convention this year. In addition to time in the... More

Industry Round-up, October... »

This week, AVweb’s news roundup found reports of a new sim lab, a second chance to catch a weather tool webinar and a change in leadership at Pro Star... More